Ryukyu Kingdom Wakuta Ware Ash Glazed Makai Bowl


An ash-glazed bowl called Makai was fired in the Wakuta kiln during the Ryukyu Kingdom. The ash glaze is applied by a technique called “Figaki”, which leaves a sizeable unglazed part in the interior and a straight shape that resembles the Canton bowl that later became popular in China and Japan in the 19 century. Such techniques and design have their origins in South China, but the founding of the Wakuta kiln involved a Korean potter invited from Satsuma, and there are grit-stacking marks on the base and well. The beautility of the introduction of the complex techniques is reminiscent of the Ryukyu islands, which maintained a unique position in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

There is a chip on the base and a short hairline, but the condition is generally good. Come with a box.

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