Karatsu Ware Chōsen-Karatsu Style Sake Cup


A Chōsen-Karatsu style Kogaratsu sake cup crafted in the Matsuura-type kiln during the Azuchi-Momoyama and the early Edo period. Its body is made of reddish-brown clay bearing the marks of the potter’s wheel and adorned with layers of black candy glaze and straw ash glaze. The areas where the iron has flowed present a deep jet-black hue, while the layer of accumulated straw ash on the sides creates the illusion of white waves. The smooth lip and captivating scenery enhance the appeal of enjoying sake from this vessel.

Although some minor scratches are evident from its time in the soil, there are no significant defects, and it remains in good condition. A slight wobble may be noticed due to sticking marks at the bottom. The natural kiln effect of mottled halo is present in the well. Housed in an aged box inscribed with “Chōsen-Karatsu sake cup.”

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