Karatsu Ware Cup “Kawakujiwa-type” | Japan, 16-17C


A Ko-garatsu Kawakujira-type (Iron glazing lip) cup fired in the early Edo period. It is molded wildly with sandy taupe clay, and the lip is slightly warped and shows Bebera (a point worthy of note: the ridges of the lip). It is also a highlight that there is a part of the streaking iron glaze where the wood ash turned pale blue with kiln effect. It is really a praised and ideal Ko-gataratsu Guinomi—sake cup.

There is an extremely thin chip on the lip and a careful repair with lacquer. Although the Kawakujira-type was widely made in the Karatsu ware kilns, it is precious that it retains its original figure and can be regarded as a sake set or a teacup like this piece.
Comes with a paulownia wood box with the words “Karatsu Kawakujira Guinomi Momoyama period”.

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