Qing Dynasty Yixing Ware Blue Glazed Five-Handled Jar

¥70,000 JPY

A five-handled jar fired at a Yixing kiln during the Qing dynasty. The jar features incised lotus petal patterns encircling the bottom of the body, with the lower portion covered in a feldspar glaze topped by a blue glaze. Its shape bears a resemblance to South China Sancai ware and Takeo type Karatsu ware while the stacking shell mark on the base hints at a connection to earlier Hizen pottery, though this jar is believed to be of a later date.

A unique aspect of this jar is its partial yellowing on one side, resulting from direct exposure to the oxidizing flame during firing. This creates a striking visual effect reminiscent of a bird’s-eye view of the earth, adding to its visual intrigue.

The base of the jar shows old chips, and it has minor kiln damages and grits, but no other noticeable defects.

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