Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Drum-Shaped Bottle


A white porcelain drum-shaped bottle crafted at the esteemed Bunwon (official kiln) during the early Joseon dynasty. This shape is known as a Tawara-tsubo, means bale jar, in Japan and a 장군 (Chang-gun), means generals, in Korea, this vessel type varies in size; larger ones held water, while smaller ones stored sake or soy sauce. Typically, white porcelain drum-shaped bottles are smaller than their Buncheong ware’s counterparts, but this piece is particularly diminutive. Its meticulously balanced round shape and the exquisite pale bluish-white surface exude a serene purity, encapsulating the charm of Joseon white porcelain in its compact form. This piece is perfect for seasonal flower arrangements or simply admiring every day.

Aside from slight yellowing on the mouth due to ageing, it is free from noticeable defects and remains in excellent condition. It comes with a string loop for a stand and is housed in an extensive quality cedar box.

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