Karatsu Ware Shirakibaru Kiln Copper-green Glazed Jar


Takeo-type Karatsu ware small jar fired in the Shirakibaru kiln of Odashiyama during the 1650s and 1960s. It has an oval shape with a straight neck ended rolled lip. A copper-green glaze on the white slip is applied to the upper half and an iron glaze to the lower half. The five-eared jar, which imitated the Cochin ware, is well known as the Ko-takeo (old Takeo-type Karatsu ware) piece, but this piece is a smaller and simple design with charms of a flower vase. The colour of the green glaze is outstandingly good, and the bluish-white glaze streaking part creates the scenery.

Ko-takeo, as well regarded Mingei designs, has been excavated in various parts of Southeast Asia, like Ayutthaya. It is believed that they were brought by the trade of the Koxinga administration (1661-1683) based in Taiwan. Curiously, Koxinga was born in Hizen Province.

There are no noticeable defects other than kiln damage, and the condition is good. The discolouration of the rim is due to the kiln alteration. Come with a box.

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