Ayutthaya Dynasty Green Glazed Lidded Jar with Relief Design


A green-glazed jar baked in southern Thailand under the Ayutthaya Kingdom. A container of coconut oil supplied by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) to the indigenous people of Taiwan, which had been inherited in an old house in Nagasaki, Japan.

It is said that In Nagasaki, the VOC sold deer leathers which were exchanged with these jars from indigenous people in Taiwan, and this piece was probably brought to Japan somehow at that time. Thus it is unidentified for what purpose and how many of these jars were brought to Nagasaki because these jars should have been left in Taiwan. It can be seen that it is related to a group of Seto ware green glazed pottery called “Luzhu-Oribe” that appeared in the latter half of the 18th century in Japan.

There is a hairline on the rim and a few minor chips on the base, but the condition is generally good. An old Kintsugi repair on the lid conveys that it was prized as a tea utensil for imported goods. In addition to the paired lid, a lacquer-coated lid (partially peeled off from the lacquer) is also included.

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