Obori Soma Ware Green Glazed Bottle


A bottle crafted in the late Edo period. It features a stable trapezoidal shape and a delicate pale green glaze with a white hue extending to the sides of the bottom. Known as a Soba-Tokkuri, it was traditionally used for serving soba sauce. While typically associated with Kasama ware, this particular piece was made in Obori Soma, distinguished by its thinner and more refined finish. The well-crafted, sharp mouth enhances its suitability as a sake bottle.

With a capacity of about 360ml, the bottle is in generally good condition. It has one chip and a very short hairline on the mouth, as well as some chips on the bottom. A hairline crack runs along the side of the body, but it is not very noticeable and does not cause leakage. There is ink inscription on the bottom.

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