Goryeo Celadon Bottle with Inlaid Black and White Floral Design

¥70,000 JPY

A celadon bottle fired during the Goryeo period. It features two floral designs in black and white inlay. The glaze is greenish brown and is covered with fine crackle glazing. This piece marks the period when inlay techniques reached maturity, paving the way for the transition to Buncheong ware. The base has sand marks and exposes the dark brown clay. It is attractive for its light grip, perfect for a sake bottle, and its innocent floral design.

Although it is an excavated piece, it has less ageing and retains a good lustre overall. Apart from partial discolouration and a short hairline on the mouth, there are no noticeable defects, and it is in good condition. It holds about 500ml and comes with a box.

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