Yingge Ware Petal Shaped Dish With Flower Design


A pottery dish fired in Yingge, Taiwan in the 1950s. The finesse of the wild flowers drawing is dazzling. The light blue border on the rim is one of the designs often seen in the works of Yingge ware at that time, and also it is preferably sampled by recent works of “Lijin kiln” that is representative kiln of Yingge ware in recent years.

Taiwan is geographically classified as East Asia. However, a tropic breeze blows in the colorful painting, and the southern taste that overflows in it is similar to Vietnamese Sông Bé ware.

There is a natural alteration during the kiln process, but the rest is in good condition. There are many local collectors of old Yingge ware, so that makes difficult to find good ones.

W19cm × H2.5cm
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