Yatsushiro Ware Inlaid Celadon Cylindrical Bowl | Japan, 18C


A bowl fired in Yatsushiro, Higo in the middle to late Edo period. It has a neat vessel shape that rises straight from the waist, with the stars on the rim and a mysterious series of crests that look like animals on the body.

The inlay technique that draws the lineage of Goryeo celadon was widely used in Yatsushiro ware, especially in Kyushu where the ceramic technique was transferred from the Korean peninsula. A certain thickness is required for the inlaying, and the fact that it is so thin is a proof of the potter’s skill.

This bowl has unique colors, which changes from scarlet to violet like the twilight sky. It’s like a scene at a glance overlooking the Ariake Sea at sunset.

The condition is extremely good. Comes with Wrapped in a fine cloth, kept in an old box with the words “Higo inlaid celadon bowl” written on it.

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