Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Jar with Inlaid Circular Pattern Decoration


A Buncheong ware abacus shaped salt jar  that was fired during the Joseon Dynasty. The inlaid circular patterns are decorated on the upper body of the voluminous shaped vessel. It is presumed that it was made shortly after the establishment of the Joseon Dynasty, as the body shows a good color tone close to that of Goryeo celadon.

The abacus shaped salt jar had been produced all over Korea including the northern part, and almost all the designs of Korean ceramics such as white porcelain, white slip, inlaid decoration, brush mark slip, and black glaze were applied. Along with the Chamfered jar, it must have been deeply rooted in the folklore of the peninsula.

The ragged feet, and the sticky iron-rich clay are reminiscent of the old Karatsu ware. There is some glaze flaking and a hairline that extends from the rim, but there are no other defects that should be noted.

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