Yuan Dynasty Jun Ware Plate


A Jun ware plate fired in the Yuan dynasty. It was told that this plate was found from the shipwreck of the second Mongol invasion of Japan. The surface of the vessel that looks like pale blackish ink blurred on the turquoise base is reminiscent of the mysterious profundity of seabeds.

In the second invasion (1281), the Eastern Route army, which consisted of the Mongolian and Han Chinese, Jurchen soldiers and the Goryeo sailer, and the Southern Route army, which consisted of former Southern Song dynasty soldiers who surrendered to Yuan, gathered off the coast of Takashima in Hizen, but many warships sank by the storm on the night of July 30th. Since Jun ware is almost none of the excavation from the ruins of Gangnam, China, this plate may be a relic of the East Road Army.

Once the Jun ware was prosperous for the royal palace in the Song dynasty, but it became robust and practical enough to be brought into a warship by this time in the Yuan dynasty. Although there are stains and shells on the back, the front is enough glossy. It can be said that it is in extremely good condition as a shipwreck piece.

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