Yuan Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware White Slip Small Dish with Calendar Pattern in Underglaze Blue


A blue-and-white small dish fired during the Yuan dynasty. It is presumed to be a piece of Cizhou type ware kiln based on the greyish clay with engobe, the sturdy base, and the sand grains on the surface.

In the Cizhou type ware kilns after the Qing dynasty, blue-and-white imitating Jingdezhen and Fujian blue-and-white were crafted, but it is clear that blue and white pottery was also excavated from the earlier strata. It is said that it was the potters of the Cizhou ware that gave birth to the blue and white pottery in Jingdezhen in the 14th century, but there must be the blue and white ware that was already made in the Cizhou ware before that.

The radial pattern is probably that the Middle Eastern-influenced “calendar pattern”. In addition to painting, the highlight is the tasteful stains peculiar to white slip. There are kiln scratches, spots, but no particular damages and repairs.

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