Khmer Conical Bowl Covered with Ash Glaze | Thailand, 11C


A Khmer style ash-glazed bowl excavated in Ban Kruat District, Buriram province, Northeast Thailand. The bowl has an engraved line design on the body and is covered with a thin layer of light green glaze. The Khmer pottery was mainly made as ritual and funeral ware, but this type of bowls was said to be used as tableware.

The Isan region where this bowl was found is dotted with Khmer archaeological sites, many of which are later cities and settlements built on top of Baray (Khmer architectural artificial ponds ). This bowl has Kintsugi repaired and given a new lease of life as tableware again, echoes the layers of history of the Balay.

There are glaze flakings on some spots, but the condition is generally good.

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