Qing Dynasty Yunnan Ware Tea Bowl with Geometric Printing Pattern | China, 18C


A flat tea bowl fired in the Wenshan district of Yunnan province during the Qing dynasty. Unglazed circular stacking mark and myriad hexagonal patterns printed around the body. In Yunnan, this type of flat tea bowl was used for a variety of occasions, including eating and drinking.

The use of the printing technique on ceramic was particularly prevalent in Fujian Japan during the same period, so there is room to examine the relationship of influence between these regions. In addition, unlike the Japanese Inban-de, which was used to improve the efficiency of painting for mass production, in Fujian and Yunnan, the technique seems to have been used more for the accurate representation of geometric patterns.

There is a minor chip on the base and kiln alteration on the rim. Some hairline may be mixed in with the crackle glaze, but the condition is generally good.

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