Southern Song Dynasty Black Glazed Small Jar “Furidashi” with Three Ears and Stripe Decoration | China, 12-13C


A black-glazed small jar fired during the Southern Song dynasty. It has decorative three ears and has a white lines pattern reminiscent of the Cizhou ware of the Jin dynasty.

Most of the Karamono (Chinese) tea utensils brought to Japan, which were highly precious, were produced from various kilns around the Ming river, and most of them were “Mitate” (daily wares elevated to the status of teawares) by tea masters. This piece is also entitled Furidashi (sugar candy containers), but it is presumed that was originally a container for spices and the like.

There is minor dirt, but the condition is extremely good. The mouth is a good size to contain Konpeito (sugar candy), and it would be a first-class Furidashi if the lid and pouch are customized. Comes in a wooden box.

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