Southern Song Fujian Ware Celadon Bowl with Flower Design


A celadon bowl in the shape of a flower, fired in Fujian during the Southern Song. It is covered with an sage-green celadon glaze and has a simple engraved design on the front. In Japan it is often lumped together with Tong’an kilns, but it is more likely to have been produced at either the Putian or Fuqing kilns north of Tong’an.

Fujian celadon ware, with designs from the Longquan kilns and pottery techniques from the Jingdezhen kilns, was mostly fired for export and transported to other countries along the Maritime Silk Road route. Although the treatment of the base and the glazing may have been rather crude, it was valued in Japan and became a model of celadon in Southeast Asia, along with the Longquan kilns.

This piece is in very good condition with very little aging, although it is thought to have been excavated. There is no flaw to note except for a very minor chip on the rim of the mouth.

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