Tsuboya Ware Black Glazed Jar With Four Handles “Andagami”


A Ryukyuan traditional container jar called “Andagami” was used to store lard in the current Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. ‘Anda’ means fat and ‘Kami’ means jar in Ryukyuan. It was hanged with palm tree loop into four handles, and put in a well-ventilated place in the kitchen to prevent from rot and pests.

This Andagami was crafted in Tsuboya, but it is thought that the tall neck was inherited from old kilns such as Kogachi-yaki. It corresponds to the aesthetic sense of the Qing dynasty, which had a tribute relationship with Ryukyu, and similar shapes can be seen in Manchu culture and costumes.

There are kiln scratches and flaking during the kiln process, a minor chip and a hairline on the rim, and a minor chip on the hill, but the condition is generally good.

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