Han Dynasty Painted Pottery Stove with Three feet | China, 2 B.C. – 1C


A stove-shaped vessel made as grave goods in the Western Han dynasty. The cooking utensils had been progressed under the influences of the different cultural groups, such as the northern nomadic people’s “Fù” and the Zhongyuan (central plain) region’s “Ding” during the Warring States period to the Han dynasty, and this vessel also has these mixed features.

In the Han dynasty, where the conventional view of life and death has changed significantly, the secularization of the afterlife is particularly remarkable. This burial vessel, which is simplified made of the daily ware, was thought to be filled with grains, and the peace after death was hoped for.

Since it is an excavated piece, there are soil rust, minor chips, and peeling of colouring that can be seen, but the condition is generally good. Comes in a box.

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