Hasami Ware Compra Bottle


A Hasami ware blue and white bottle called Comprador Soy Sauce Bottle or Compra Bottle fired in the late Edo period. The sake and the soy sauce containers exported by the Nagasaki merchants’ union “Kompra Trading Company” through the Dutch East India Company (VOC) were produced by the kilns in the Mitsumata, Nagao, and Nakao districts of Hasami, Hizen.

The exact distribution route for the bottles has not yet been clarified, and it has been excavated not only in Europe and Southeast Asia, but also in Hokkaido, and it has also been excavated from the Ainu people’s ruins who originally did not use pottery items. It is presumed that the compra bottles had spread as practical products after contents were consumed by wealthy people in various regions.

It seems a string was tied around the mouth, and the residue is stuck but the condition is good. Early ones, in which the characters are handwritten rather than stamped, are valuable.

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