Karatsu Ware Tea Bowl “Muji Karatsu”


A Kogaratsu Chawan (Ko-Karatsu tea bowl) fired in the Momoyama period. It is the work of the Ichinose-koraijin kiln located in Okawachi-cho, Imari City, which is the kiln many masterpieces of “Oku-Gorai” Chawan were made.

It is inferred that this tea bowl was made as just a bowl and was soon abandoned on the waste pottery field. However, until excavated in the last year of the Edo period (1867), spending over 200 years underground, and since then the bowl has been handed down as a tea bowl.
This tea bowl, which has survived vicissitudes of its history and still retains its original body with metamorphosed appearance, is heavy both in weight and dignity.

It was broken in two parts by the center and Kintsugi restored, but there are no other noticeable defects and no water leakage. Comes with an old box from 1867 that is written “Keio 3, the year of the Rabbit, Spring March, Auspicious Day”. 

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