Seto Ware Iron Glazed Pipe Ashtray | Japan, 18-19C


Seto ware container fired in the late Edo period. It was made for Kiseru (Japanese pipe) ashtray and was made in a Seto-Hongyo kiln during the Kasei period, and taupe-brown clay similar to the so-called stone dish is used. The characteristic of the Hongyo kiln is that it keeps producing traditional Seto ware, compared to other kilns depended on the trend. The design, which is the wall, is scraped off with a spatula, and the iron glaze applied resembles the Octagonal jar in northern Korea, but the interaction is unknown even though it is from the nearly same period.

There are no noticeable defects other than minor chips on the rim. The inside of the vessel is also clean, and it is in excellent condition used as an ashtray.

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