Seto Ware Ash Glazed Lipped Jar


An ash glaze lipped jar fired in Seto during the Muromachi period, and the Seto ware produced from Kamakura to Muromachi period (12C-16C) is called Ko-Seto. This piece is from the transitional period of Seto ware supplied from temples to households. The decorative style up to that point has been lost, but a beautiful light green glaze has been obtained by improving the firing technique. This bulging body with a beaked mouth called ‘Tobiguchi (kite’s beak) was probably introduced from Tokoname ware after the Kamakura period. In Seto, small jars of the same type have been excavated in the Oku-Tsubaki kiln and Magoemon kiln.

It is an excavated item stored in a wooden box with the words “Ko-Seto Hana-Ike (flower vase)”. Some chips and flaws occurred during the kiln process, a minor repair on the bottom, and glaze flaking on the mouth, but it is in good condition for Ko-Seto. It is ideal for sake sets as the liquid would smoothly pour out from the mouth.

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