Seto Ware Ash Glazed Small Jar with Beaked Mouth


An ash glaze jar fired in Seto during the Muromachi period, and the Seto ware manufactured from Kamakura to Muromachi period (12C-16C) is called Ko-Seto. This piece is from the transitional period of Seto ware production from temples to household vessels. The decorative style up to that point has been lost, but a beautiful light green glaze has been obtained by improving the firing technique. It is thought that the bulging body with a beaked mouth was introduced from Tokoname ware after the Kamakura period. In Seto, small jars of the same type have been excavated in the Oku-Tsubaki kiln and Magoemon kiln.

It is an excavated item that fits in a wooden box with the words “Ko-Seto Hana-Ike (flower vase). Some chips and flaws occurred during the kiln process, a minor repair on the bottom, and glaze flaking on the mouth, but it is in good condition for Ko-Seto. It is ideal for sake sets as the liquid would smoothly pour out from the mouth.

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