Seto Ware Luzhu-Oribe Style Andon-Zara Plate with Lotus and Flower Stamp Design


An Andon (lantern) plate fired in Seto in the late Edo period. The design of the green glaze, commonly known as “Luzhu”, uses a copper green glaze that is different from the Revival Oribe of the same period. At that time, it was popular among the upper-middle class, and various types of vessels were made, such as flower pots to tableware, but this kind of flat plate is relatively rare. The use is limited because it is soaked with oil, but the Mandala-like stamped design is spectacular and enjoyable.

There are some hairlines and chips, and there are some spots where the glaze has peeled off. It fits in a box labelled “Oribe Andon Plate”.

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