Joseon Dynasty Hoeryong Ware Sea Cucumber Glazed Jar


A jar fired in Hoeryong-gun, North Hamgyong Province, in the latter half of the Joseon dynasty. It has a shape similar to that of a Full moon jar made in Guangzhou, and the bottom is called “gokezoko”, a scraped and without foot. The Hoeryong ware potteries tend to have wide unglazed bases due to the custom of putting the pottery on an open flame, but those with this kind of “gokezoko” work are often carefully glazed to the side of the base. The profoundly glossy sea cucumber glaze is familiar to Yixing ware potter Ge Mingxiang and his brother’s porcelain, and the rainbow-coloured halation on the surface gives it a mysterious look.

There are no noticeable defects except for kiln scratches and minor chips.

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