Joseon Dynasty Hoeryong Ware Sea Cucumber Glazed Small Jar


Small jar fired in Hoeryong or Myongchon, North Hamgyong Province, in the Joseon Dynasty’s latter half. It forms an abacus shape, and the sea cucumber glaze flowing along the uneven surface of the body creates a wabi-sabi atmosphere.

The sea cucumber glaze in the area is said to be the genealogy of Jun ware. Still, there is no evidence that the sea cucumber glazing technique was used in northeastern China, and it is highly possible that it was transmitted from southern China by the marine route. Further research is awaited on the transmission of sea cucumber glaze, including its relationship with Karatsu ware Hobashira kiln.

Although there is a custom to heat the vessel directly in the area, and many have burned bottoms, there is no trace of that in this piece. There are no noticeable defects other than a minor chip on the inside of the rim.

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