Chōsen Hoeryong Ware Double Handled Jar


A double handles jar crafted in Hoeryong or Myongchon in North Hamgyong during the late Joseon Dynasty to the Korea under Japanese rule period. It has an abacus-like shape peculiar to the peninsula and has specially shaped binaural ears that are rarely seen. Although it is a relatively young work, it has profound aspects such as the deep iron-rich cray and the natural glaze that falls inside.

The dents on the body side of the handles are probably for ease of holding. It is worth noting that it was produced during the dynasty turmoil and this aesthetically pleasing pottery of ‘beauty of usage’ was made far from the centre. And it resembles Japan’s Tohoku region folk pottery.

There are no notable defects other than flakings on the rim and minor chips on the base. A label that seems to be a permit to take out from Korea is affixed on the bottom.

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