Karatsu Ware Yumino Kiln White Slip Jar with Pine Tree Design


A Takeo-type Karatsu ware jar fired in the Yumino kiln during the Edo period. The pine picture with iron glaze and copper-green glaze on the white slip design represents the kiln, and this type is also known as Nisai Karatsu (two-colour Karatsu), produced from the first half of the 17th century to the end of the Edo period.

This piece was crafted in the middle of the Edo period when the style was the most sophisticated, the white slip was neatly applied with dipping, not with a brush, and vividly accentuated the pine picture. As it is the so-called “Yumino no Kame (Yumino’s large jar), this kind of pine picture design is often drawn on a large one, and a small size like this piece is scarce. The three shrunk glaze lines that occurred by the kiln alteration are also a point worthy of note in this entire appearance.

Minor glaze flakings can be seen near the lip, but it seems to have occurred during the kiln process. There are no other noticeable defects, and the condition is good. Come with a box.

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