Seto Ware Small Bowls with Green and Black Stripes Design, Set of 2


Two small bowls with the so-called “Mugiwarade (wheat straw design)” fired in Seto during the Meiji and Taisho period. The design of the Mugiwarade, which originated in the late Edo period, has been made in various types up to the present day by changing the colour and the width of stripes. This green and black stripes design is a relatively rare example, using the green colour (underglaze enamel) that was introduced to Japan in the latter half of the Meiji period. It seems that it might be made as Mukozuke dishes from the size and modeling on the side of the base, but it is also suitable for small teabowls.

Both have ageing colours around their lips, but there are no other noticeable defects.

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