Echizen Ware Ash Glazed Double Handled Jar

¥35,000 JPY

An Echizen ware Ohaguro (tooth blackening lacquer) jar fired in the late Edo period. The pottery production in the area began at the end of the Heian period but became called Echizen-yaki in the 1940s. Before that, it was called by village names such as Oda-yaki and Kumagaya-yaki. This piece was produced in the later years of an ancient kiln that has continued since Medieval times. The shape is bulgy and ash-glazed compared to the older work which is unglazed, made before the Edo period. The straw ash spotted on the tasteful glaze body creates a landscape. It is suitable for flower arrangements.

Some natural damages occurred during the kiln process, but none should be acquired as significant defects and only minor chips and glaze flakings. It fits in a sliding door box.

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