Mino Ware Ofukei Glazed Cup with Iron Glaze Painting


A Soba-choko cup fired in Mino in the late Edo period. A celadon-style ash glaze is thickly applied to the inverted trapezoidal shape, and a weeping willow is drawn with an iron painting. In analogy to Nagoya Castle, which was called Yanagi (willow) castle, the willow was preferred to be designed on vessels in the Seto and Mino regions, but the number of Soba-choko is rare. The narrow willow lends even more charm on the body with a quaintly glaze from the inherited taste.

This type is sometimes said to be as Seto ware, but we would say it is a Mino’s Ofuke ware from the glazing tone. There are no noticeable defects other than the tiny glaze flakings on the rim.

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