Yatsushiro Ware Flat Teabowl with Inlaid Clouds and Crane Design


A Yatsushiro ware flat teabowl fired in the late Edo period. A modest inlay is designed on the front surface, and the lustrous celadon shows a nuanced colour gradation.

In 1632, Hosokawa Tadaoki, who was transferred to Higo (current Kumamoto pref.), opened a kiln in current Narakicho, Yatsushiro City, along with Korean potter Sonkai (Kizo Agano), the founder of Agano ware. Since then, the Yatsushiro kiln has produced Mishima-style (inlaid decoration) elegant tea wares as the Hosokawa clan’s official kiln. This piece also uses patterns derived from Goryeo celadon, such as Rai-mon (thunder pattern) and Unkaku-mon (cloud and crane patterns). Still, it also shows Yatsushiro’s unique tastes, such as the making margins in the composition on the front face and the unglazed base.

There are no noticeable defects, and the condition is excellent. Comes with a box.

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