Goryeo Inlaid Celadon Small Bowl | Korea, 14C


A celadon small bowl fired in the late Goryeo period to early Joseon dynasty. A design reminiscent of the Buddist painting is inlaid, with nine ingots and three flower patterns.

Goryeo Buddhism was associated with the local religious belief that continued from the end of Silla. From the belief-based Feng Shui theory, the pattern of numerical would be eight or four in Buddhism but this bowl has an odd number by the Feng Shui theory. On the other hand, the loquat-coloured body conveys the transformation of the celadon to Buncheong, which corroborates that “expel the Buddhism, revere the Confucianism” in the Joseon dynasty was gradual.

Although the slightly rough surface can be seen on the backside, it retains a graceful surface of the rest of the parts. There are no notable defects and the condition is very good. Comes in a box.

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