Early Imari Blue and White Porcelain Bowl with Mesh Pattern


An Early-Imari (shoki Imari) blue and white porcelain bowl fired around the 1640s. It was probably produced at the Yambeta kiln. An Amine-mon (mesh pattern) is drawn on the slightly deep vessel shape, and the inside of the base is unglazed. Unlike the later Kurawanka-type, the mesh patterns of those days were not double lines but single lines, and most of them were drawn upwards. In addition to the rhythmic brushwork, a sticking sherd on the exterior and the unglazed spot are also highlights.

There is an old Kintsugi repair in one place on the rim, and several hairlines are extended around it. Many of these bowls have apparent damage due to excavation, but this piece has almost no aged surface and is suitable for practical use as it retains its original form.

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