Karatsu Ware Nisai-Karatsu Style Bottle with Pine Tree Design and Black Neck

¥80,000 JPY

A Kogaratsu Nisai-Karatsu style (two colour design) bottle fired in the 1630s-40s. A pine tree is painted with iron-brown and copper-green on the white slip-brushed body. The Iron-black glaze designed on the neck tightens its appearance.

The pine tree picture design is famous for the Yumino kiln. However, this piece was made at either the Shirakibaru kiln in the southern Takeo or the Kawako-Kamanotani kiln in the northern Takeo. The dainty S-shaped silhouette that follows the flow of Chinese Yuhuchun ping is a characteristic of the early period of Takeo-Karatsu. This complete piece is extremely rare since most of this type lack neck or repair.

The capacity is about 540ml. It is suitable for a sake bottle, flower vase, and decoration objects. The condition is excellent, and no noticeable defects except for minor chips on the base. The uneven lustre of the glaze is due to the kiln process. It comes with a box.

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