Karatsu Ware E-Karatsu Style Teabowl with Fish and Basket Design in Underglaze Iron


A Kogaratsu teabowl made in the 1600s to 1610s. It has a thick and deep body, sturdily moulded with grits mixed clay, and has a broad and low base. The label on the box says Fujino-Kawachi kiln, but it was probably produced at Ichiino-Kiyama kiln in Takeo Uchidayama. A catfish or eel-like fish pattern and a basket pattern are drawn on the exterior, which is rare as a motif of E-Karatsu (brush decorated Karatsu ware). And it shows like the scenery of a vibrant yet tranquil marsh combined with the ash-green skin tone. This is a stunning E-Karatsu style teabowl with many significant highlights of rustic beauty.

It is an heirloom piece of the old excavation from the late Edo period. There are two hairlines, but both are repaired with Kintsugi. It fits in an old box with the label “Namazu-de Fujinokawachi-Gama E-Karatsu Chawan (Catfish-type Fujino-Kawachi Kiln E-Karatsu Teabowl)”.

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