Seto Ware E-Seto Style Bowl with Plum Blossom Design


A Seto ware Mukozuke bowl fired in the late Edo period. The outer surface has a glaze mixed with iron powder that looks like a quail’s egg and draws the plum blossom and pine needle. The rectilinear shape with an angled hip is a rare example of E-Seto (iron-painted Seto ware made after the mid-Edo period). The three-dimensional painting with white slip-trailed decoration with delicate patterns is also unique. It was made for tableware but is suitable for a teabowl with its size and elegance.

The excellent Kintsugi is applied to the hairlines and chips on the rim with the finest gold powder finish. It comes with a box.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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