Seto Ware Andon-Zara Green Glazed Plate with Wavy Stripe Design in Underglaze Blue


A plate called Andon-Zara (lantern-oil plate) fired in Seto in the late Edo period. Oribe glaze (green copper glaze) is applied on the front face over the ash-glazed base clay, and wavy stripe patterns are drawn on the circular windows with white background.

The lantern-oil plate shifted from brass to pottery in the late Edo period, and the Andon-Zara, with various designs, were produced all over Japan. But the Seto region was the centre of the production, and while the Hongyo kiln used mainly iron for decoration, the Akatsu kiln applied Oribe glaze to produce high-grade works like this piece. The window designs were popular among the Oribe glaze type, but the combination with cobalt is scarce, whereas many of them were decorated with iron. The abstracted sutra-like design is artful, which sets it apart from other Andon-Zara.

There are two old repairs with Kintsugi on the rim and some minor chips on the edge and back but in excellent condition considering its use. There is no oil odour. It is listed in the book “Edo no Kioku –Andon Abura Zara Hyakusen (Memories of Edo, 100 Best Selections of Andon Oil Plates)”.

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