Goryeo Celadon Faceted Bowl with Inlaid Black and White Chrysanthemum Design


A celadon facet bowl fired in Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do, during the Goryeo dynasty. A thick body faceted in eight and inlaid chrysanthemum flowers pattern by black and white, and a grey-blue glaze is applied entirely. The same type of bowls inscribed the Chinese character of the Oriental Zodiac inlaid design exist, and these are the influence of the Yuan dynasty that interfered with Goryeo at that time. Therefore, the production date of this piece is inferred to be in the early 1300s.

There is a hairline that extends from the lip. In addition, glaze flakings and chips are seen on the exterior and a scraped line on the interior. Come with a box.

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