Seto Ware Nezumi-Shino Style Lidded Square Bowl with Pampas Grass Design


A Mukozuke square bowl with a lid crafted in Seto in the late Edo period. Among the group called E-Seto, examples of Momoyama tea pottery reproductions are called “Fukko-Oribe (revival Oribe)”. This piece is the Nezumi-Shino motif, applied iron glaze, and pampas grasses are designed by the sgraffito and covered with the feldspar glaze. The plain white of the interior and the pampas grasses shining in the dusk creates an excellent effect that resembles openwork carving.

There are no noticeable defects other than natural kiln defects, and the condition is excellent.

Body: W11m×D10cm×H6.2cm
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