Takatori Ware Iron Glazed Bottle with Double Ears and Rivets Decoration


A Takatori ware sake bottle fired in the Uchigaiso kiln in the early Edo period. It has an aubergine shape with three long dents on the body, and the rivets are placed around the ears. The fully applied iron glaze has a deep lustre, and shell stacking marks remain on the edge of the bottom. This piece is an example of the Nanban-Yakishime style (unglazed or iron-glazed works from the South) that are distinctive features of the kiln, and the elaborate details in the profound look are attractive. It is relatively lightweight by the contrast of look and ideal for practical use. And an excellent work of Ko-Takatori that produced unique masterpieces next to Kogaratsu and Ko-Agano.

There are no stains or odours inside, and the condition is excellent. It fits in an old box with a worn string. The description on the box says “Korean sake bottle”.

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