Karatsu Ware E-Karatsu Style Lipped Teabowl with Abstract Pattern in Underglaze Iron


A Kogaratsu Katakuchi-lipped teabowl fired in the Azuchi-Momoyama to Early Edo period (the 1600s to 1610s). It was probably made at the Shokodani kiln or the Rishokooba kiln in the Takeo area. It forms a powerful silhouette and draws abstract patterns reminiscent of flowers and birds. The roughly carved base has wrinkles (chirimen-jiwa) textures, and the crack inside the base looks like a steep rock surface. The bluish ash glaze shows an amazing landscape with unglazed and shrunken parts, adding more rustic beauty to the bold style.

There is a minor chip on the lip. The bottom crack does not pass to the other side. There is a slight rattling, but there is no problem in practical use. It fits in an old box written with “Karatsu Katakuchi”.

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