Yatsushiro Ware Iron Grazed Vase


This narrow-necked vase was probably made in Higo (current Kumamoto pref.) in the early Edo period. A thin made and graceful shape that tapers towards the mouth. The iron glaze applied entire body exhibits complex colouring and halation, and the V-shape is stroked on the shoulder.

Yatsushiro ware was later known for its inlay design, but the examples designed with kiln effects stood out in the early days. Although the inscription on the box marked Agano ware, this piece is inferred to have been fired at the Naragi kiln in Higo, which was opened by the founder of Agano ware, Sonkai (Kizo Ueno). As indicated by the inscription Sakasa (reversed Fuji), it has magnificent scenery created by excellent work and miraculous kiln effects.

The poem is written along with the inscription on the back of the box lid. There are no noticeable defects other than a minor repair on the mouth.

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