Shino Ware Cylindrical Teabowl with Two Intersecting Rings Design


A remarkable cylindrical teabowl, crafted during the Momoyama period to the early Edo period, showcases the exquisite artistry of Shino ware. The square-shaped body exhibits a subtle warp on the upper part. The teabowl features a fully applied feldspar glaze, and the innocent two intersecting ring design, called “wachigai-mon”, used as traditional design motifs of court nobles, created through underglaze iron decoration. The base of the bowl boasts a flat bottom with thread-cut markings, preserving the splendid spatula shavings surrounding it.

With its majestic presence and inherent allure, this teabowl bears the distinctive marks of the potter’s fingers, the captivating glaze contractions, and an heirloom-like aesthetic that evokes an extraordinary landscape.

Despite exhibiting the natural signs of usage passed down through generations, this teabowl remains in good condition with no noticeable flaws. It is accompanied by an antique box bearing the inscription “Shino Tsutsuchawan.”

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