Karatsu Ware Ko-Takeo Type Slop Bowl with Brush Mark Slip Design


A wide-mouthed jar, crafted during the Edo period in a southern Takeo kiln, serves as a Kensui, or slop bowl. Its unique shape, known as “Efugo”, derives its name from the bait bag used by falconers. Notably, this piece stands out within the Ko-Takeo type Karatsu ware, which primarily produced miscellaneous goods and plates, making it a rare find among tea utensils. The artistic appeal of this jar lies in its ruggedness, achieved through sinewy brush mark white slip design and bold clay wrinkles. The glossy and sharp form of the piece showcases exceptional harmony.

Although there are a few short hairlines on the mouth, chips around the lip have been diligently repaired with lacquer. Moreover, any kiln damage on the bottom remains confined to the exterior, ensuring there is no water leakage. Besides these minor imperfections, the jar exhibits no noticeable defects and remains in good condition.

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