Utsutsugawa Ware Brush Mark Slip Teabowl


A teabowl crafted in Utsutsugawa village of the Nabeshima domain (currently Utsutsugawa-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture). The curvy body shows an elegant forme, and multiple brush stroke patterns with different expressions are laid inside and outside.

A legendary kiln, Utsutsugawa ware was started in 1691 by Soetsu Tanaka and his second son, Jinnai. The style is related to the old kilns of Hirado Karatsu such as Kihara kiln and Enaga kiln, but the brushes are finer and the walls are thin and very sophisticated aspect.

This teabowl is in excellent condition that was made as tea pottery and has been inherited. Most of the pieces called Utsutsugawa ware are low-rank works excavated around Kihara, and the number of bowls baked in Utsutsugawa is very limited for 60 years of the production period. Comes with a preservation box.

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