Joseon Dynasty Blue and White Porcelain Square Bottle with Confucian Quotes Decoration


A blue and white porcelain square bottle fired at Bunwon official kilns of Geumsa-ri Kiln in Gwangju in the late Joseon dynasty. It has a hexahedral body and a squared neck, and the Confucian quotes of the Warring States period in China are drawn in underglaze cobalt. The passages seem to imply this bottle itself, such as the phrase “器虽小(even if the vessel is small),” a unique style that intertwists humour with its integrity. The translucent skin with a slight bluish tinge that characterizes the Bunwon kilns at that time is beautiful.

The capacity is about 180ml. There is no stain or odour inside, making it ideal for a sake bottle. The chip on the corner of the bottom was Kintsugi repaired. It comes with a box.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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