Hirasa Ware White Porcelain Bottle


A white porcelain bottle fired in Hirasa, Satsuma (current Kagoshima) in the late Edo period. It has a glossy but soft glaze tone and has a mellow atmosphere like a white lily. Hirasa ware began by inviting Arita ware potters in the latter half of the 1700s to produce Hizen-style porcelain such as the blue and white and the polychrome enamel using Amakusa kaolinite stone. In Satsuma, where was an Shōchū (sweet potato spirits) drinking culture rather than sake (rice wine), it is said that this type of bottle was used to drink Amazake (low-alcohol or non-alcoholic sweet drink made from fermented rice). With a capacity of about 350 ml, it will be perfect for drinking and excellent as a flower vase.

There are hairlines on the body and base but no water leakage. Come with a box.

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