Goryeo Dark Green Glazed Flat Cup


A green celadon dish fired during the Goryeo period. It is made of soft clay and has a deep body covered with dark green glaze. This type of coarse celadon was fired concurrently with early Goryeo celadon, and similar examples have been unearthed from kiln sites in Haenam-gun and Incheon City. This type of celadon is said to be a precursor to the renowned “Irabo” teabowl style in Japan, and this particular piece exhibits an exceptional glaze landscape reminiscent of that style. Its handy size makes it suitable for use as a sake cup.

Despite being an excavated piece, it displays minimal rough surfaces and maintains a good lustre. The area that appears to be a chip on the lip is covered with glaze, and there are no noticeable defects other than natural alterations from the kiln process.

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